Darrin Nelson Eliminator Daytona 28 ICC

Darrin Nelson Eliminator Daytona 28 ICC

To : Jake @ Eliminator Boats

Hi Jake - I wanted to take a moment to share with you how thrilled I am with McMillan Marine.  I have been a boater for 15 years and have bought new boats from 4 different dealers in the Western NY area - but I have to tell you - the service I have received from McMillan Marine is far superior than any other boat dealer I've worked with.  There professionalism, responsiveness, and down right pleasant nature has been consistent from the time Mark reached out to me when he heard I may be considering looking for a performance boat - all the way through post delivery issues and questions I may have had. 

The truly unique thing is this just doesn't come from Mark and his sales team, but it comes from every single person I've dealt with at McMillan - from the guys in the yard, to the mechanics, to the women in the back office.  I was describing to my wife that there service rivals that of a Lexus dealership.  I have owned dozens of exotic cars over the years...ranging from Porsches, Benz's, Hummers, International Trucks and Lexus - but no matter how hot the cars are - Lexus always seems to surpass everyone when it comes to service.  McMillan has that kind of culture. 

I know he took a bit of a risk bringing a west coast boat to upstate NY - but your product is outstanding - I have literally had no isssues to speak of - and if more people bought your product from McMillan Marine - they would truly experience the difference, and be able to get the most out of our short boating season. 

In my experiences, other boat dealerships should benchmark McMillan Marine when it comes to service. 

Best Regards,

Darrin D. Nelson