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For more than fifty years, Eliminator's name has been synonymous with quality and custom craftsmanship, and for good reason. Every boat they build is treated as an individual, custom creation, tailored to the express wishes and desires of its intended owner.

Unlike conventional production boat builders, Eliminator still adheres to the philosophy that each customer deserves the opportunity to select colors, create graphic designs, specify interior layouts, choose from an endless list of equipment options and decide which engine/propulsion system best suits their needs. And the end product reflects that care and individual attention every customer is proud to own.

From catamarans to deep Vs, Eliminator is the force to be reckoned with. That's why Powerboat Magazine says that "As a high-volume custom builder, Eliminator still takes the time to rig its boats properly". We'll agree with that! Whether your looking for 70mph or 170mph...Eliminator is your choice in value, comfort, and safety...not to mention all those looks you'll get!

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