McMillan Marine is located on the water where boats are supposed to be. The importance of else do you properly care for, maintain, prepare, or water test boats? AND BOATS ARE OUR BUSINESS!

We are very proud of our new "state of the art" 4000 sq. ft. service and parts department. We stock and use OEM parts for every manufacturer we represent.

     Sure we could save a lot of money and find a nice land locked spot to meet, great, and sell you product...then what. How would we properly prepare your new boat for delivery, how would we solve that service problem, how would we take you and your family for that all so important first test drive of your brand new boat?!? We couldn't, and that's why we are where we are, on the water and in business for over 24 years. Launch ramp, travel lift, hydraulic trailer, storage, full service, that's McMillan Marine. Give us a'll be glad you did!

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