Where to begin. 3 years ago me and my wife (Deb) purchased (2) Yamaha waverunners. At that time we were new to the world of being on the water with any sort of craft. The both of you took your time with us on explanations of the waverunnrs and made the purchase hassle free. Never did we feel pressure from either of you on the sale. You took your time and made sure this was the right purchase for us. After (3) years on the waverunners we decided it was time to look for a boat. I never even thought of going somewhere else to make a boat purchase and headed right to McMillan. Once again Dave and Mark sat with us to discuss a boat purchase. We bought a SX192 Yamaha Jet Boat. The sale went without a hitch and we got everything we asked for in the purchase. What amazed me more was when we pick up the boat Dave took the time out of his busy schedule to get the boat in the water and spent an hour and half teaching us about the boat on the do’s and don’ts. Mark was right along the way with everything we needed to know. The only issue I have is I see within 5 years going back down to McMillan to purchase a bigger boat!

To all that want a boat, Take yourself to McMillan and don’t look back!

Doug Richards