Mark, We would like to take this time to thank you for standing behind a used boat we purchased from your company.After four hours of usage it seems for some reason the 3.0 Mercruiser Engine decided to throw a rod.Our thoughts where what do we do now; four hours of usage and the boat is unusable.After a phone call to your store we where told just bring the boat in and let’s see what needs to be done.I sort of knew it needed a new engine and started to do some investigating on line for engine prices.When we found out the cost and what needed to be done, you stepped up to the plate and said you would take care of the labor, and for our share, we needed to purchase the parts (engine).This sounded like a fair deal to Nancy and I so we went ahead and ordered a new engine.

     This happened at the busiest time of the season for you, but in a matter of nine days we had our boat back; and from a phone call today from you, found that you did most of the job yourself.I wish there where more business people like you Mark, for sure this country would be a lot better off.At any time one of your customers need a recommendation regarding McMillan Marine, please have them call us.We did not have to ask or beg for any cost sharing, you just stepped up to the plate and said you would care of the labor.

     Again, from Nancy and I, we thank you so much for all your help and I hope for your good deed to us, you have a great sales year.


Carl and Nancy McDade